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About Us

A refreshing approach

As an independent firm, we work with employers, trustee boards and financial institutions, providing advice regarding superannuation and financial benefits, and next step implementation services.

As an independent specialist firm, we:

  • Have no conflict of interest in the advice being given,
  • Better manage the cost of advice, and
  • Accept accountability for the advice and its implementation.

Our independence means that we only have your objectives in mind. We make your business our business.

Our people

  • have all held senior corporate leadership positions,
  • are operationally focused,
  • have a unique blend of experience and competencies,
  • never lose sight of what is expected, and
  • collaborate with you and all key stakeholders to ensure we gain a holistic understanding of your business issues, the driving forces and a commitment of acceptance and adoption.

Our skills and capabilities include

  • Assessment of the various service components of a superannuation fund for benchmarking purposes;
  • Assessment of superannuation products for rating and research purposes;
  • Strategic advice to employers about their future superannuation requirements;
  • Tender management for fund administration, investment, insurance and trustee arrangements, including due diligence services;
  • Fund outsourcing advice and management;
  • Technical, actuarial and strategic consulting;
  • Product development advice;
  • Member communication and surveys;
  • Trustee and member education;
  • Project management; and
  • Compliance and risk management.

So why engage The Heron Partnership?

H ighly experienced - no novices in the industry; we are tried and tested!
E conomical - our cost structure enables us to offer our services on a "best value" fee basis. It is a real eye opener!
R igorous implementation - no walking away after the advice has been provided; we get involved in the implementation.
O wnership - we are passionate about outcomes.
N o ties - being truly independent means no bias or advice that will open your actions to the risk of conflicts of interest.

We are a firm of experienced professionals who have one objective in mind and that is to achieve the right outcome for our clients. That's our bias!