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Corporate Superannuation Consulting Services

Strategic Superannuation & Benefits Advice

Future Superannuation Arrangements

  • Strategic review of your superannuation arrangements - what really matters?
  • Review of your current benefits – competitive? Relevant? Consistent?
  • In-house or outsource? Master trust or industry fund?
  • Positioning your superannuation arrangements for at least the next 5 years
  • Keeping abreast of the impact of potential future changes in legislation

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Management of Supplier Tenders & Transition

  • Work with you to review all or any component of your company superannuation arrangements, including administration, insurance, investments, asset consultant and custodian
  • Undertake tender process to secure competitive arrangements for full outsourcing or any individual component of your corporate fund
  • Utilise our extensive research data base and market intelligence
  • Overseeing the transition to any new arrangements under strict risk management guidelines

Operational Effectiveness, Structured Risk Management & Cost Savings

  • Advice and implementation regarding management of superannuation arrangements, including assessing the effectiveness of a trustee board, fund secretariat and fund management
  • Cost benefit analysis relative to your peers in the market
  • Assisting you to identify key risks in your employee benefit programs, covering financial, compliance and implementation risks
  • Undertaking the secretarial function, chairing meetings, or acting as employer appointed representative on policy committees on behalf of the employer or trustee

Technical & Actuarial Advice

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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Strategy for the acquiring or disposing company on the most appropriate superannuation terms to include in sale/purchase agreements
  • For defined benefit funds:
    • Advice on imputed value of superannuation fund surplus/deficit in the price of transaction
    • Expected ongoing funding requirements
    • Corporate Accounting implications/strategies to minimise impact of any mergers and proposed changes
  • Advice and implementation for merging multiple superannuation arrangements under one or more employer sponsor

Statutory Actuarial Advice

  • Develop overall principals and strategies with respect to cash funding and corporate accounting that take into account your particular objectives
  • Actuarial valuations for contribution funding purposes
  • Actuarial calculations for inclusion in companies financial statements (IFRS, FAS, AASB)
  • Production of all necessary actuarial certificates to meet legislative requirements
  • Appointed actuary for corporate plans, sub-funds of master trusts and industry funds
  • Conversion of Defined Benefits to Accumulation Style Benefits
  • Understanding the differences between the two benefit structures
  • Work in conjunction with lawyers and Trustee to establish the basis for conversions
  • Calculations/illustrations as part of an exercise to convert defined benefits to accumulation style benefits
  • Confirmations, where required, on Trust Deed Amendments

Superannuation Investment Advice

  • Benchmark your investment returns and investment structures against your market
  • Review of suitability of investment options
  • Specialist advice relating to defined benefit liabilities and assets
  • Managing tender process to secure more appropriate arrangements, including implemented consulting
  • Review of asset consulting services currently provided, including service provider tenders

Superannuation Insurance Advice

  • Insurance reviews, including advice to employers and trustees about the suitability and competitiveness of current arrangements, negotiating with current insurers and securing more competitive arrangements through a tender process
  • We work with insurers to improve their products, which in turn benefits the end user

Communications & Member Education

  • Working with you and your suppliers to properly structure your communication and education strategy aligned to your employees/members aspirations
  • Assisting you to monitor the effectiveness of your programs
  • Identify how to further build future communication programs

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