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Super Fund Ratings

The Heron Partnership's superannuation fund rating service covers industry funds, master trusts and multi-employer funds, categorised as either personal or corporate superannuation funds, as well as pension products. The 2018/19 assessment covered 133 superannuation products and 78 pension products.

The following superannuation products have been judged as "outstanding" and have been awarded 5 Heron Quality Stars for 2018/19.

Due to the varying asset size and operation of corporate superannuation funds, we have segmented the market into 3 categories based on the asset size of a company's superannuation fund. For more details see Corporate Superannuation - Market Segments.

Top Ten Products for Investment & Insurance Features

The following products have been classified as a Top Ten Product for Investment Features and Insurance Features.

In alphabetical order the Top 10 Personal and Corporate Products in respect to Investment Features are:



In alphabetical order the Top 10 Personal and Corporate Products in respect to Insurance Features are:


  • Asgard Elements Super
  • Asgard eWRAP Super
  • Asgard Infinity eWRAP Super
  • Mentor Superannuation Master Trust
  • netwealth Super Accelerator Core - Employer Sponsored Super
  • netwealth Super Accelerator Plus - Employer Sponsored Super
  • Perpetual MySuper
  • Perpetual Select Super Plan
  • Telstra Super - Personal Plus
  • VicSuper FutureSaver


MySuper Investment Option

The MySuper investment option for the following superannuation products have been judged as "outstanding" and have been awarded the highest rating with 5 Heron Quality Stars for 2018/19.

Top 10 MySuper Investment Option

The MySuper investment option for the following superannuation products have been judged Top 10 MySuper.

Pension Products

The assessment of pension products resulted in the following products being rated as "outstanding" and have been awarded with 5 Quality Stars for 2018/19.

  • AMP Flexible Lifetime Allocated Pension Plan
  • AMP Signature Super Allocated Pension
  • Summit Personal Pension
  • Asgard Elements Pension
  • Asgard eWRAP Pension
  • Asgard Infinity eWRAP Pension
  • AustralianSuper Choice Income
  • AustSafe Super - Pension
  • BT SuperWrap Pension Plan
  • BUSSQ Pension
  • CareSuper Pension
  • Catholic Super Pension Plan
  • Colonial First State - FirstChoice Pension
  • Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Pension
  • EISS Pension
  • Equipsuper Account Based Pension
  • First State Super Income Stream
  • HESTA Income Stream
  • Hostplus Pension Plan
  • Intrust Super Super Stream Pension
  • IOOF Pursuit Focus Allocated Pension
  • IOOF Pursuit Select Allocated Pension
  • legalsuper Pension
  • Media Super Pension
  • Mercer Super Trust - Allocated Pension Division
  • MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals
  • MLC Wrap Super - Pension Service
  • MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 - Pension Service
  • MLC MasterKey Pension
  • MTAA Super Pension
  • netwealth Standard Income Stream
  • NGS Super Account Based Pension
  • OnePath OneAnswer Frontier Pension
  • Perpetual Select Pension Plan
  • Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan
  • Prime Super Allocated & Non Commutable Superannuation Income Streams
  • REI Pension
  • REST Pension
  • Russell iQ Retirement
  • smartMonday PENSION
  • Smartsave Smart Pension
  • Statewide Pension
  • Suncorp Brighter Super - Pension
  • Sunsuper for Life - Income Account
  • TasPension
  • The Executive Superannuation Fund Pension
  • Unisuper Pension
  • VicSuper - Beneficiaries Account Pension
  • Vision Income Streams
  • Wealthtrac Allocated Pension

The following pension products have been judged as Top 10 Pension Products.

The comparative product ratings are undertaken by The Heron Partnership's consultants and are based on analysis of information such as product disclosure statements provided by third parties, as well as general market knowledge.
The analysis and information upon which the product ratings are based is considered to be accurate at the time a particular product is rated by us. However, to the extent that the product ratings are based on such third party information, The Heron Partnership gives no guarantee or warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or correctness of the third party information and accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or incompleteness in the third party information provided to it. The Heron Partnership makes no guarantee or warranty in relation to the investment component or rate of return of any product that it rates.
The Heron Partnership is authorised to provide general financial product advice for certain classes of financial products, including life products, retirement savings accounts and superannuation. We do not provide personal financial product advice. The product ratings have been produced without taking into account any individual's financial needs, circumstances and objectives. To the extent that the product ratings provided through this web site may constitute financial product advice, they are general financial product advice only, and The Heron Partnership provides its Financial Services Guide for your information. Any person should, before acting on such advice, assess the appropriateness of the advice having regard to their own financial situation and consult a licensed financial adviser before making any changes to their financial affairs. In addition, when considering any financial product you should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement produced by the Product Issuer.